Universal Elder Sign by David LaRocca

Why a new Elder Sign?

I've been a Lovecraft fan for a long time now and to be perfectly honest my favorite Elder Sign has always been the "branch" Elder Sign drawn by Lovecraft himself. It is a simple design but if a Deep One is approaching you can bet that's the Elder Sign I pull out for some protection!

August Derleth described the Elder Sign in his stories as a warped, five-pointed star with a flaming eye in the center. This is the Elder Sign most people are familiar with and it was because of this reason I included one of my own design in my Elder Dice project. I also included a Cthulhu design and the original “branch” Elder Sign. More info on Elder Dice can be found here: www.ElderDice.com

But, I am aware that other companies already have designs for the star Elder Sign and are often protective of them. That is why I wanted to design something different, and then rather than have it be yet another of many competing Elder Signs, I wanted to open it up the Lovecraft community. I call it the Universal Elder Sign. Here it is:

I am releasing this design into the public domain. Everyone who loves Cthulhu and H.P. Lovecraft and wants a star-based Elder Sign for their project is welcome to adopt it. Please let me know how you use it.

If you want to credit me then that would be great. Just use my name and link my site – David LaRocca www.ArtByLaRocca.com Various file formats and sizes are located at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!